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Systems  Solutions

  • Full design service for all types of system

  • Fire detection and alarm system installation

  • Fire-fighting equipment installation & maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance to all types of system installations, with contracts tailored to meet your individual requirements

  • 24 hour call out service to subscribed clients

  • Central station monitoring

  • Secure Key-holding Service

We know that false alarms can be extremely disruptive and produce negative response to alarms by those occupying buildings as well as diverting the Fire Service from genuine emergencies.

It is essential therefore that a fire alarm system is installed correctly and subjected to regular inspection and maintenance by highly trained engineers’ in line with the requirements of British Standard 5839 for Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings.

This ensures that any potential false alarms or faults can be identified and preventive measures taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system.

When entrusted with this responsibility, we take this very seriously and offer a very high level of service, as you would expect.

All works are completed in line with BS5839, BS7671, BAFENICEIC and SSAIB standards, ensuring the quality and safety of all work completed.

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